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Possible Effects After a Stroke

What are the Effects of Stroke?



Stroke can result in a wide variety of symptoms and no two strokes are exactly the same.

The effects of stroke can be mild or they can be devastating and life changing. Equally, it is possible to make a full recovery or to be left with life-long impairments, which require adjustment and compensation.

Below is a list of possible effects of stroke. Although it is not exhaustive, it does list most of the common effects:

Muscle weakness

Foot drop

Balance and co-ordination difficulties





Sensation changes

Visual loss or disturbance

Changes to hearing

Swallowing difficulties

Communication changes

Psychological, behaviour and personality changes

Cognitive (memory, thinking & processing) changes

Bladder and or bowel problems

Changes to taste and smell

For more detailed information on the effects of stroke, please see our other blogs:


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Treatment for the effects of stroke

Stroke and neuro therapy can support you through your journey of recovery and adjustment. The process and outcome of recovery depends on your specific symptoms and their severity, as well as the length of time since your stroke.

Stroke rehabilitation and therapy work best when a multi-disciplinary approach is used and when you participate in setting goals with the healthcare professionals involved in your care. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists play a large role in both physical as well as cognitive rehabilitation after stroke.

There is a lot of overlap in what physiotherapists and occupational therapists provide as well as some more distinct differences, but they work best when delivered using a joint approach.

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Stroke and Neuro Therapy

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